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Before The Beginning...

Before good and evil, light and dark, predator and and hatred. There were other entities which existed prior to the first known recorded history of humankind. These beings were elemental in shaping the powers that command our universe. No life form, past or present, could provide even the most remote link to their occurrence.

Yet here we are, living in the shadow of an afterthought from their sentience. We have spawned from the chaos and disorder that was their world. We are living proof of a time which occurred so long ago, that it is time now once again for us to connect to the past. To connect to our most basic energies which were instilled with us and discover who we are.

We introduce to you, The Dreaded Gossamer. He is our object. He is our guide. And he is your wizard. Allow yourself the opportunity to listen, and he will speak to you. He will tell you the story of what you believed to have known but have been longing to hear. This false existence is plagued by the corruption of a humanity that is incapable of power. Save yourself from its clutches and serve in the malevolence of The Dreaded Gossamer.

Through the help of his closest followers, The Brothers Dutch, Oden, Cosmo, and Oswald create the sounds and atmosphere that will bond our reality back to the age of a world lost in chaotic turmoil. Their work is the start of a journey that aims to breach the thresholds which tie us down to the realms of the physical, spiritual, and mental...

Join us. He shall be pleased.

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